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Alarm Monitoring or Central Monitoring is when your Alarm System is linked to a Monitoring Station, via a telephone line, and in the event of alarm activation, the Alarm contacts the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a telephone call and gives details of the activation.

Once the activation has been received, the ARC capture the telephone call, and using an Audio Verification Alarm System from 21st Century Alarms , can listen in to the property to confirm an intruder, The ARC will challenge the intruder for a Pass Word, if the correct password is given the activation will be cancelled, after all it might have been a false alarm. If how ever the correct password is not given or the ARC suspects foul play the appropriate authorities will be contacted as well as an authorized person/key holder.

Last year over a quarter of a million homes and businesses lost Police Response due to False Alarms.

Most types of Monitoring only deal with the Activation and not the Cause, which could be a false alarm or a member of staff forgetting the Alarm Code, ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers) mandate that if the Police attend 3 times or more within a 12 Month Period to a false alarm the Premises will be Black Listed and will not receive Priority Service in the event of an Activation.

Audio Verification Central Monitoring is designed to ensure that the Police are only ever called in the event of a Verified Burglary in Progress, ensuring that your Alarm Monitoring always receives a Priority Response.


Types of Monitoring

  • Burglary.
  • Fire Alarm/Smoke Detector.
  • Heat Rise Detector.
  • Sprinkler Activation.
  • Temperature.
  • Flood.
  • Medical.
  • Panic.

Cost of Central Monitoring

Audio Verification Compatible Alarm Systems:

Infinite Prime and Powermax Wireless Alarm Systems:
£225 per year (12 mth Subscription)

Set Up and Programming for none 21st Century Alarms £60

Older/None Compatible Alarm

Central Monitoring AV Unit

For Older and None Compatible Alarm Systems a Digital Communicator and Speaker/Mic unit will be required £150 installed

Burglar Alarm Central Monitoring tarleton

If you are looking for Alarm Central Monitoring for your Intruder or Burglar Alarm System in the Tarleton area, why not give 21st Century Alarms a call on 01254 265052 .